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The HTC Corp. G1 mobile phone is displayed during its unveil

HTC is gone

Gather around, campers, and hear a tale as old as time.

Remember the HTC  Dream? The Evo 4G? The Google Nexus One? What about the Touch Diamond? All amazing devices. The HTC of 2018 is not the HTC that made these industry-leading devices. That company is gone.


Forget the Samsung Galaxy X, Microsoft’s Andromeda Surface looks like the future of folding devices

Microsoft Andromeda, a new folding computing device in the Surface range of products, is apparently under development and set to be released this year.

The news, which was reported on by, an established and accurate reporter on all things Microsoft, says that not only is Andromeda a “pocketable device to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience,” but also that “according to the documentation [it has seen], the device is scheduled to be released in 2018.”


Price folding smartphone Samsung will be almost $ 2000

When Apple iPhone X was announced last fall, many were unpleasantly surprised at its high price. However, according to The Korea Times, the time for real surprise has not yet come.

On the Internet, there have been rumors that Samsung is developing a folding smartphone. Yes, and the South Korean giant recently confirmed this information. It is assumed that the novelty can be folded like a sheet of paper, so that it takes up less space, and unfold when you need to get the maximum screen size.


The best Mac Mini deals for June 2018

After MacOS for the cheapest price possible? Already got a monitor (and keyboard and mouse) you can use?

Then it’s worth considering the Mac mini. It isn’t the fastest, but it costs less than half of the other Macs. The point of the Mac Mini is that it’s, well, mini – we’ve seen bigger hard drives than the modest footprint of the sleek silver box.