Nubia will entrust the development of a gaming smartphone subbrand Red Magic

The conceptual model of the game smartphone, demonstrated by Nubia, in the foreseeable future can turn into a fully functional prototype, and then completely acquire a commercial version. The intention to enter the market with a unique gaming gadget was confirmed by Nubia’s CEO Ni Fei. But for the successful achievement of the goal Nubia decided to act not on its own behalf, but to register a subbrand – the brand “Red Magic”.


External drive G-DRIVE Pro SSD is equipped with two ports Thunderbolt 3

The G-Technology brand, owned by Western Digital, expanded the range of external storage devices by announcing the G-DRIVE Pro SSD solid-state device.

The novelty is made in an aluminum case of gray color Space Gray. The drive is designed for professional users who need a high data transfer rate.

Buyers will be able to choose between four options for the capacity of the G-DRIVE Pro SSD – 960 GB, 1.92 TB, 3.84 TB and 7.68 TB.


AMD’s Newest Processors Are So Good You Can Skip the Graphics Card

In the past year, graphics cards have gone from the reasonably priced computer part you pick up on Amazon or Newegg to something bordering on as precious as gold. If you happen to find one being sold at its MSRP, you can easily snatch it up and sell it on Amazon for twice the price. The market has gotten so cutthroat in the face of a GPU shortage that vendors like Microcenter have limited the number of GPUs you can buy and will only sell at the original MSRP if you can prove you’re buying it for personal use. And into this fierce market enters AMD with a new CPU with an integrated graphics card so good you can leave the other GPUs to the cryptominers.


AMD’s Vega Graphics Cards Could Kick Off a War

Every nerd loves a good tech war: Windows vs Mac, Apple vs Android, Intel vs AMD. They give us something to armchair argue about over beers with friends—or to rant over in the comments of illustrious tech blogs. After spending the weekend playing with AMD’s new Vega 64 and Vega 56 graphics cards, I think I can safely say an old tech war is back on—even if AMD’s latest salvo feels paltry. Nvidia might be leading the discrete graphics card industry, but AMD’s two newest cards are cheap and fast enough to finally compete. And that can only mean good things for PC users.


LG CLOi robot coming to a home near you by June

LG’s cute CLOi robot (pronounced KLOH-ee) will go on sale before June, the company confirmed to Pocket-lint.

The artificially intelligent robot will be powered by the company’s DeepThinQ platform and will recognise voice commands in order to control other devices in your home.

ThinQ is LG‘s new brand attached to products with AI smarts. All ThinQ devices, plus smart products from other manufacturers, should be able to talk to each other and work with one another seamlessly.



Venom Power Pack and Stand for Nintendo Switch delivers extra juice for serious gaming on the go

UK-based gaming accessory maker Venom has revealed its Power Pack and Stand for Nintendo Switch, a portable charger that not only comes installed with a large 10,000 mAh battery, but also a built-in kick-stand, too.

Unlike the standard Nintendo Switch dock, which does not feature an in-built battery, the Venom Power Pack and Stand securely locks in place around the console while also keeping all ports and buttons fully accessible, meaning that you can continue to play while the Switch’s battery is charged.


My Ultra-Competitive Side Loves This Sensor-Packed Smart Ball

A Bluetooth-connected foam ball packed with sensors and a battery you need to charge sounds like one of Silicon Valley’s worst ideas. Haven’t balls been adequately entertaining kids for centuries already? But it only took one toss of Play Impossible’s Gameball for me to understand why a ball upgraded with stat-tracking technology isn’t actually a terrible idea—I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

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Google Home Now Works With Bluetooth Speakers; Clips Camera Can Capture High-Resolution Images

Google on Wednesday rolled out an update to the Google Home app that enables users to connect the Assistant-enabled speaker to any Bluetooth speaker. This essentially means that the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max will be able to play music via your Bluetooth speaker. Before this, only Google Cast-enabled speakers could be used to connect to an external speaker or group speakers with the Google Home devices. The new feature is especially useful for a device like Google Home Mini that thanks to its size has limitations while playing music. In another update, Google Clips camera now gets the ability to take high-resolution stills when manually capturing a clip.


Samsung Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6+ With Infinity Display Get Their Specifications Leaked

Samsung Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+ were recently spotted on the company’s official support website. While not many details about the two mid-range smartphones were revealed earlier, the latest leak has outed information on major internal components of the handsets. According to the leak, the Galaxy A6 is expected to borrow the 5.6-inch full-HD+ display from the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), while the Galaxy A6+ might sport the 6.0-inch display seen on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018).

iPhone X Launches In Japan

iOS could detect when you hover your finger over the screen

According to a new report from BloombergApple  could be working on new gestures for its iPhones. In addition to normal touch gestures, iOS could detect when you hover your finger over the screen to trigger some actions.

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, he spent quite a bit of time demonstrating the multitouch interface. You could touch the screen with your finger without applying any pressure, which was already something new back then. You could also swipe your finger on the screen, use multiple fingers in order to pinch to zoom or rotate a photo.


Skydio R1 review: a mesmerizing, super-expensive self-flying drone

The idea of a robot methodically hunting you down isn’t the most pleasant of concepts. A metal-bodied being zooming after you at up to 25 miles per hour with multiple eyes fixed on your location seems… out of your best interest.

The Skydio R1 drone seems friendly enough. though. I wouldn’t call it loving or cute by any means, but it really just wants to keep up with you and ensure it captures your great life moments with its big blue eye.


Burst breaks you out of your filter bubble on Reddit

One of the many accusations about the trouble with Facebook – amid its data privacy concerns and enabling of Russian trolls – is that it keeps people locked into echo chambers where access to other viewpoints are limited. This is a common problem across social media, people are beginning to realize. A new app called Burst is experimenting with how to break people out of their bubbles. But its focus is not on Facebook, as it turns out – it’s on Reddit.