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Apple releases a red iPhone 8

Apple  is doing it again. The company just unveiled a new version of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It has a bright red enclosure and a black front. A portion of Apple’s proceeds will fund HIV/AIDS grants from the Global Fund.

Other than that, it’s an iPhone 8. You’ll get the exact same features and components as in other iPhone 8 models. The iPhone 8 is also available in gold, silver and (“space”) gray. Alas, there’s still no rose gold option.

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Now you can have a conversation with Alexa without screaming ‘Hey, Alexa’ for every request

Those with digital home assistants know this phenomenon all too well. You ask Siri, Google or Alexa to hook it up with the facts, they provide an answer, but then you have a follow-up question. In order to ask that follow-up question, you have to say “Hey, Siri,” “Hey, Google” or “Alexa” all over again. It’s a true annoyance in this first-world we live in.

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How The Rampage Movie Aims To Avoid The “Video Game Curse”

Video game movies have a track record of mediocrity or worse. While there are some good ones, video game movies, most would probably agree, are generally not very good. One of the next big video game movies coming out is Rampage, which is based on the ’80s game of the same name. In aninterview with IGN, director Brad Peyton (San Andreas) talked about how his new film might break the so-called “video game curse” for movie adaptations.

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Android 8.1 can now display Wi-Fi speeds before connecting

Oreo was a bit of a lackluster update on first launch, but the mobile operating system is getting some nice new tricks with 8.1’s updates. The new Speed Labels feature is one of the more compelling of the bunch, offering estimated network signals prior to logging on.

Starting this week, users with 8.1 installed will see one of four qualifiers next to open Wi-Fi networks: Very Fast, Fast, OK and Slow. Pretty straightforward, that. Fast is fine for most videos, according to Google, with Very Fast required for much higher quality. OK should suffice for reading sites and streaming music, while Slow is basically okay for Wi-Fi calling and texts.

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Apple grows fleet of self-driving test cars to 27

Apple has expanded its autonomous vehicle test fleet, according to Bloomberg, jumping from just three cars registered with the California DMV last year, to 27 vehicles in total now.

The fleet consists entirely of Lexus RX450h SUVs, a popular choice for anyone working on autonomous car tech because they can be fairly easily retrofitted with aftermarket sensors to complement those on board and be ready for testing. Apple has been adding new cars to its fleet since around July of last year, according to the report.

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Google’s Lunar Xprize to go unclaimed as moonshot deadline looms

Google teamed up with Xprize to sponsor an audacious literal race to the Moon, but sadly the competition will end with no one taking home the grand prize of $30 million. Xprize and Google realized after discussing progress with its five finalist teams that none will be able to make a Moon launch in time for the deadline of the competition, and so the 10-year journey ends somewhat anticlimactically.

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YouTube is pulling Tide Pod Challenge videos

People doing stupid stuff on the Internet is hardly news. To wit: The Tide Pod Challenge, in which YouTubers have been filming themselves eating — or, we really hope, pretending to eat — laundry detergent pods.

Why? Uh, because they’re brightly colored?? We guess???????

Obviously this is Darwin Awards’ levels of idiocy — given that detergent is, y’know, not at all edible, toxic to biological life and a potent skin irritant. It would also literally taste of soap. Truly, one wonders what social historians will make of the 21st century.

But while eating Tide Pods appears to have started as a silly meme — which now has its own long and rich history — once YouTubers got hold of it, well, things started to turn from funny fantasy to toxic reality.

Funny that.