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The Bluetooth-enabled GoCube will turn you into a Rubik’s Cube wizard

Everyone has an irritatingly brainy relative who can solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in a matter of seconds, while the rest of us just stare at the things on the table, baffled, taunted by this boxy jumble of colour. In the past you might have thrown in the towel, but with GoCube (from $69) – currently smashing its funding target on Kickstarter – you get a bit of extra help. It’s Bluetooth-enabled you see, meaning it connects to an app that can receive information from the device’s smart sensors and display your progress in real-time on screen. As well as studying step-by-step technique tips, you can compete against your friends and play games. GoCube is also designed to be faster and less prone to sticking when you’re turning the columns than a normal Rubik’s Cube, so you’ll feel even more smug when you master it.


Premier trailer role-playing action Vampyr from the creators of Life is Strange and Remember Me

Studio Dontnod Entertainment published the premiere trailer of the role-playing action game Vampyr, which takes place in London in 1918, immediately after the First World War.

Dr. Jonathan Reed, after returning to London from the front, becomes a victim of a vampire. He does not kill him, but turns into himself like that. Just one bite – and the life of a doctor turns upside down. Before him opens a whole new world of intrigue and the power of supernatural beings. Blood flows like a river, and at the same time in the streets of London, the epidemic of Spanish flu is raging.


Watch T3 unbox the Days of Play Limited Edition PS4: find out what you get now

Sony’s Days of Play sale is now on, with 11 days of ridiculous PlayStation deals across consoles, games, accessories and more. And, as part of the gaming deal-a-thon, Sony is selling a Limited Edition Days of Play PS4 console.

The exclusive, one-time-only, Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 console has been specially designed for the event and is a 500GB PlayStation 4 with two wireless DualShock 4 controllers in a distinctive blue and gold colour scheme.


Atari VCS console now available for pre-order: limited run Collector’s Edition is the one you want

Atari has opened pre-orders for its new VCS console, with two versions of the system now on sale.

The first all black “Atari VCS Onyx Edition” is priced at $199 and $229 with a bundled joystick, while the secondary limited run “Atari VCS Collector’s Edition”, which features a classic Atari 2600-style wood front finish, retails for $299 with a joystick.


This jolly little robot gets goosebumps

Cornell  researchers have made a little robot that can express its emotions through touch, sending out little spikes when it’s scared or even getting goosebumps to express delight or excitement. The prototype, a cute smiling creature with rubber skin, is designed to test touch as an I/O system for robotic projects.