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Venom Power Pack and Stand for Nintendo Switch delivers extra juice for serious gaming on the go

UK-based gaming accessory maker Venom has revealed its Power Pack and Stand for Nintendo Switch, a portable charger that not only comes installed with a large 10,000 mAh battery, but also a built-in kick-stand, too.

Unlike the standard Nintendo Switch dock, which does not feature an in-built battery, the Venom Power Pack and Stand securely locks in place around the console while also keeping all ports and buttons fully accessible, meaning that you can continue to play while the Switch’s battery is charged.


Ubisoft has opened new studios in Odessa and Mumbai

Ubisoft announced the opening of two new studios – in Mumbai (India) and Odessa (Ukraine). Both will assist other branches in the work on the forthcoming large-scale projects. It is noteworthy that in both countries the corporation already has divisions, namely the Indian Ubisoft Pune and the Ukrainian Ubisoft Kiev.


8bitdo’s wireless adapter adds flexibility to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch controllers

Game controller  compatibility is a labyrinthine nightmare most of the time: Some controllers work with some platforms some of the time, but it’s very hard to keep track of how and when. 8bitdo’s latest accessory adds some simplicity to the mix, enabling use of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch controllers with Switch, Windows and macOS systems quickly and easily.


Internet Archive adds trove of cheap LCD handhelds to its emulation collection

During CES, the single piece of electronics I spent the most time with, apart from my laptop and camera, was a Mattel Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game handheld. This decades-old device held the attention of John Biggs and myself through quite a few drinks as we navigated its arcane interface (eventually slaying the dragon, thank you). These cheap handhelds, sold as impulse buys at drug stores and Toys ‘R Us (RIP), are the latest thing to be collected and emulated in full by MAME and the Internet Archive.