The TV market has grown for the first time since 2014

Sales of televisions in the world for the first time in three years have grown, helped by the increase in food prices, according to the IHS Markit study.

Analysts estimate that in July-September 2017, manufacturers shipped a total of 54.8 million TV sets, which is 5% less than a year earlier. At the same time, revenue in the market rose by 1%, and this rise was the first since 2014.


The insider revealed the features of the Dex Pad dock for Samsung Galaxy S9

Manufacturers of smartphones have repeatedly attempted to find a simple and convenient way to transform a mobile device into a kind of desktop system. In this direction, HP demonstrated special activity on the example of the smartphone Elite x3, which was offered a set of accessories for the implementation of the Continuum function. The idea with the connection of peripherals to the smartphone, which presupposed the possibility of displaying information on the big screen, liked and Samsung. To use the Galaxy S8 and S8 + as a home computer, the Dex docking station was proposed, which was equipped with an Ethernet interface, an HDMI output and several USB ports.


FCC approved the first remote wireless charging

Modern wireless charging is definitely more simple than connecting to a wire, but still requires physical contact of the device with the station. It seems that this may soon change: the other day the Federal Communications Commission has certified the first wireless charger capable of replenishing the battery capacity up to 3 feet.

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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will retain a mini-jack, like the Bixby call button

Galaxy S9 is perhaps the most expected Android-smartphone in 2018. The first images began to appear on the network. Judging by these leaks, the device will continue to be equipped with a traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack. Samsung, LG and several other companies like OnePlus are determined to save the mini-jack, despite the fact that Apple, Huawei and Google in their flagship decisions abandoned it.

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Intel Coffee Lake is coming – AMD is losing ground again

It seems that Intel desktop chips are again becoming more popular than conventional AMD processors. This is evidenced by the latest statistical information on the sales of desktop processors from the largest German online store These data show that Intel processors have again begun to crowd AMD Ryzen, which have mostly dominated Germany in the retail market since their release last year.


Apple could be rethinking its release cycle for iOS and macOS

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is switching things up for this year’s major updates. Instead of meeting a tight deadline and ticking all the boxes on the checklist, development teams will be able to push back some features if they’re not polished enough.

Axios and Bloomberg previously reported that Apple was focusing on stability with iOS 12. You can still expect iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 this Fall (and probably new versions of watchOS and tvOS), but the WWDC keynote might be a bit shorter than in previous years.

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Unilever warns social media to clean up “toxic” content

Consumer goods giant Unilever, a maker of branded soaps, foodstuffs and personal care items and also one of the world’s biggest online advertisers, has fired a warning shot across the bows of social media giants by threatening to pull ads from digital platforms if they don’t do more to mitigate the spread of what it dubs “toxic” online content — be it fake news, terrorism or child exploitation.

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Google takes AMP beyond basic posts with its new story format

For the most part, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project was about what its name implies: accelerating mobile pages. Unsurprisingly, that mostly meant quickly loading and rendering existing articles on news sites, recipes and other relatively text-heavy content. With that part of AMP being quite successful (if not always beloved) now, Google is looking to take AMP beyond these basic stories. At its AMP Conf in Amsterdam, the company today announced the launch of the AMP story format.

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Android Wear is dead, and in many ways it’s Qualcomm’s fault

The single-chip system Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 has been knocked down for two years. While most of the flagship chips for mobile electronics have a life cycle of about one year or less until they give way to more advanced, powerful and energy-efficient solutions, the Wear 2100 has been playing the role of the best single-chip Android Wear wrist watch system for two years. By modern standards it is already an ancient crystal. Apparently, the leader of the market of mobile chips Qualcomm refused to try to gain influence in the sector of wristwatches. The announcement of the Wear 2100 took place in February 2016, but a year later Qualcomm did not prepare anything for the replacement, and now it is not likely that a worthy change is being prepared.

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The history of AMD GCN architecture will be completed in 2019-2020 together with GPU Navi

Last May, AMD shared its plans for the development of video accelerators for the coming years. The GPU of the next generation Vega is codenamed Navi, it will be launched this year and will be produced on the 7-nm DUV process technology at GlobalFoundries plants using next-generation multi-layered HBM memory, will offer significantly increased performance and improved scalability. The following for Navi accelerators were only known dates: the beginning of 2020, and the use of the second generation of the 7-nm process technology EUV.

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It’s easier to plan travel through Google’s mobile services

Google has made it so that planning a trip from a smartphone is even easier than usual. To do this, the company has improved the filtering of prices for hotels and simplified the search for information about the amenities. Also, the Californian giant added the ability to book numbers directly through the search: no longer need to go to different specialized sites, enter the desired dates and specify details.


Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will no longer receive updates, and the developer moved on to the next project

Recall that Dawn of War III is a hybrid of RTS and MOBA. The game was released in April 2017 and tried to please long-time fans of Dawn of War, as well as to find new ones using MOBA elements. It did not work: the constant base of players Dawn of War III was recognized too small to continue to invest in the project, and the management of Relic Entertainment and Sega expressed doubt that the updates will be able to solve this problem.