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Facebook’s tracking of non-users ruled illegal again

Another blow for Facebook in Europe: Judges in Belgium have once again ruled the company broke privacy laws by deploying technology such as cookies and social plug-ins to track internet users across the web.

Facebook uses data it collects in this way to sell targeted advertising.

The social media giant failed to make it sufficiently clear how people’s digital activity was being used, the court ruled.

Facebook faces fines of up to €100 million (~$124 million), at a rate of €250,000 per day, if it fails to comply with the court ruling to stop tracking Belgians’ web browsing habits. It must also destroy any illegally obtained data, the court said.



Continuing the last couple of Civilizations’ penchant for ‘unstacking’, Civilization 6: Rise and Fall has peeled apart more of the series’ fundamental systems. This time it’s the march through history itself. It’s more dynamic and messy, with civs—as the title promises—rising and falling as they enter new eras and experience Golden and Dark Ages. Yet Civilization has rarely felt this structured or cohesive.

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Toshiba is preparing in the Philippines for mass production of HDD with helium

As previously reported, Toshiba in the second quarter of this year will begin mass production of 14-terabyte hard drives with a helium environment. Thus, closer to the end of the year in the market will be a significant percentage of HDD with helium, which also in bulk (and not the first year) produced by Western Digital Corp and Seagate. More precisely, the percentage of 12-terabytes and 14-terabytes of drives will sharply increase. This, incidentally, confirms the Japanese company Nidec, which produces engines for the rotation of the spindles of hard drives.


Monitors HP Pavilion 27q and 32s debuted in the market

For HP, the LCD business is not the main business, yet the American manufacturer produces monitors with a memorable design from time to time, which some other players in the corresponding market segment can not boast. Today on the agenda is not even an announcement, but the start of sales of two new models from HP Inc. – Pavilion 27q (product code: 1HR73AA) and 32s (2UD96AA). The smaller monitor, made part of the Pavilion family, has more resolution and costs more than a colleague – not least because of the unusual design of the stand.

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AMD this year will add support for PlayReady 3.0 in GPU Polaris and Vega

The new AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G processors demonstrate excellent integrated graphics capabilities. In fact, these chips make meaningless video cards worth up to $ 100. But in addition to games, the task of integrated graphics is to reproduce streaming video materials, usually associated with the use of APUs in HTPC. In recent days, one of the biggest problems is not only hardware encoding / decoding, but also support for DRM technologies like HDCP 2.2 or Microsoft PlayReady 3.0, which is required for streaming Netflix 4K and HDR on a PC.


2D-gunman Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 will be released in early March

Crazy Monkey Studios has decided on the release date of the spectacular 2D action movie Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2. The game will go on sale on Steam on March 2, and later appear on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
The events of the sequel unfold 15 years after the final of the first part. In 1944, Europe is raging war, but the gangsters continue to conduct their affairs, which will certainly have to intervene the permanent protagonist Vinny Cannoli.

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Google to acquire Xively IoT platform from LogMeIn for $50M


Google announced today that it intends to buy Xively from LogMeIn for $50 million, giving Google Cloud an established IoT platform to add to their product portfolio.

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Google indicated it wants to use this purchase as a springboard into the growing IoT market, which it believes will reach 20 billion connected things by 2020. With Xively they are getting a tool that enables device designers to build connectivity directly into the design process while providing a cloud-mobile connection between the end user app and the connected thing, whatever that happens to be.


This autonomous 3D scanner figures out where it needs to look

If you need to make a 3D model of an object, there are plenty of ways to do so, but most of them are only automated to the extent that they know how to spin in circles around that object and put together a mesh. This new system from Fraunhofer does it more intelligently, getting a basic idea of the object to be scanned and planning out what motions will let it do so efficiently and comprehensively.

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Tinder to adopt Bumble’s ‘ladies first’ feature in a future update

Tinder will make a change to its dating app in an upcoming update that will allow women to message first, according to a report from MarketWatch this morning, which TechCrunch has also confirmed. The new option will allow women to choose when to start a conversation, but it will not be the default setting as it is in Bumble. Instead, women will be able to decide whether or not they want to enable it, we understand.


The TV market has grown for the first time since 2014

Sales of televisions in the world for the first time in three years have grown, helped by the increase in food prices, according to the IHS Markit study.

Analysts estimate that in July-September 2017, manufacturers shipped a total of 54.8 million TV sets, which is 5% less than a year earlier. At the same time, revenue in the market rose by 1%, and this rise was the first since 2014.


The insider revealed the features of the Dex Pad dock for Samsung Galaxy S9

Manufacturers of smartphones have repeatedly attempted to find a simple and convenient way to transform a mobile device into a kind of desktop system. In this direction, HP demonstrated special activity on the example of the smartphone Elite x3, which was offered a set of accessories for the implementation of the Continuum function. The idea with the connection of peripherals to the smartphone, which presupposed the possibility of displaying information on the big screen, liked and Samsung. To use the Galaxy S8 and S8 + as a home computer, the Dex docking station was proposed, which was equipped with an Ethernet interface, an HDMI output and several USB ports.


FCC approved the first remote wireless charging

Modern wireless charging is definitely more simple than connecting to a wire, but still requires physical contact of the device with the station. It seems that this may soon change: the other day the Federal Communications Commission has certified the first wireless charger capable of replenishing the battery capacity up to 3 feet.

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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will retain a mini-jack, like the Bixby call button

Galaxy S9 is perhaps the most expected Android-smartphone in 2018. The first images began to appear on the network. Judging by these leaks, the device will continue to be equipped with a traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack. Samsung, LG and several other companies like OnePlus are determined to save the mini-jack, despite the fact that Apple, Huawei and Google in their flagship decisions abandoned it.