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The mini PC project collected more than $ 300,000 on Indiegogo

The project of a new handheld computer based on Windows 10, recently appeared on Indiegogo under the name mini PC, easily surpassed its goals and attracted more than $ 20,000 in just 18 minutes, and at the time of writing the amount of contributions already exceeded $ 303 thousand. At the same time, until the end of the microinvestment campaign, there are still about 30 days left.


EK-Supremacy sTR4 – a new water block for Ryzen Threadripper

The well-known manufacturer of liquid cooling systems EK Water Blocks announced the sale of four versions of the new water block EK-Supremacy sTR4 for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. On the basis of one design, models of coolers with copper nickel base and acrylic cover (Nickel), with copper nickel base, acrylic lid and built-in LED strip (RGB Nickel), with copper nickel base and acetal cover (Acetal + Nickel), and copper nickel plated base and nickel plated brass (Full Nickel).


Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 debuts until the end of May

Network sources have published a teaser image of another novelty Xiaomi – a bracelet Mi Band 3, designed to track physical activity.

It is reported that the device will be able to count the number of steps taken, the distance traveled and the calories consumed. In addition, the gadget will receive a heart rate sensor. Finally, the novelty will allow analyzing the duration and quality of sleep.


New Qualcomm chips for wearable devices will allow you to track the look

Network sources released additional information about the new generation Qualcomm processors, designed for use in various portable devices.

The fact that Qualcomm designs advanced chips for smart watches, fitness trackers and other mobile gadgets, we reported last week. Then it was said that all the developed products will provide support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and some modifications support GPS and LTE. Processors will be characterized by reduced power consumption.


Intel officially introduced the Z390 chipset

Intel company has brought a surprise announcement of the new senior chipset for the platform LGA1151 – Z390. Earlier it was assumed that this set of system logic will debut simultaneously with the eight-core processors of the Coffee Lake-S, but then information about its output in the third quarter was received. Based on the available information, at the Computex 2018 (June 5-9), the chipmaker will tell in detail about the capabilities of the Z390 chip, while Intel partners from among the motherboard manufacturers will present prototypes of their own solutions LGA1151 / Z390. Serial models of motherboards will appear in retail not earlier than the second half of June.


This three-axis tourbillon movement is a 3D printed marvel

The three-axis tourbillon is one of the most complex watch complications in the world. Originally based on a design by watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, this type of tourbillon – literally “whirlwind” – rotates the balance wheel of a watch in order to ensure that gravity doesn’t adversely affect any part of the watch. It’s a clever, complex, and essentially useless complication in an era of atomic clocks and nano materials but darn if it isn’t cool-looking.


The performance of different Kaby Lake-G CPUs in the Dell XPS 15 is about the same

Products based on the three-chip Intel Kaby Lake-G processors are gradually “leaking” to the market. Presented at the January CES 2018 “2-in-1” show, the Dell XPS 15 with the 9575 index went on sale relatively recently, and in a limited amount – in part because of problems with the “maglev” keyboard. Therefore, detailed reviews of this device on the web until recently actually was not. The gap was filled by specialists of the English-language resource Notebookcheck, which managed to get two XPS 15 configurations for testing (9575). Based on the results of the study of their capabilities, foreign colleagues came to the conclusion that the younger processors of the Kaby Lake-G family – the Core i7-8705G and the Core i5-8305G – show almost the same performance being “packaged” into a 9 mm thick case (16 mm including a display) .